At Douglas Cheveralls Lawyers, we are committed to creating a modern law firm with a focus on quality—both in terms of the work we do and our relationships with clients. Consistent with this approach, we have reviewed our billing practices and are pleased to offer a range of different pricing models to better suit our clients’ particular needs. Below are some of the alternative methods of charging legal fees that are available to our clients.

Time Billing

Time billing is probably the most common method of pricing legal services in Australia. The benefit of time billing is that you only pay for the time we actually spend on your matter – if we’ve done something lots, it will be cheaper. However, one of the main complaints about time billing is the uncertainty of the total fee. It is often very difficult to estimate in advance precisely how much work will be required on a matter, especially in litigation.

Under a time billing arrangement, we charge based on multiples of six-minute units. For instance, if we spend four minutes on a task, you will be charged one unit; if we spend eight minutes on a task, you will be charged two units.

Our current hourly rates are as follows (all including GST):

  • Director / Principal — $506
  • Senior Associate — $429
  • Associate — $385
  • Lawyer — $363
  • Graduate — $242
  • Paralegal — $176

Fixed Pricing

Fixed fees are becoming more and more prevalent in Australia, with many firms offering fixed prices for common services such as leases, estate planning, contracts, transactional work, etc. With a fixed fee, we agree with you a fee for a particular piece of legal work right at the beginning and we stick to it, regardless of how much work is involved.

Fixed fee prices are set either by task or by stage and, unlike many other law firms, we are happy to offer fixed fees for litigation.

Subscription Pricing

A subscription to our legal services is like a mobile phone subscription; you pay a fixed amount each month for whatever services are included in the pre-defined scope.

We offer affordable business and personal retainers to help our clients avoid legal disputes, and we are also happy to negotiate subscription pricing for litigation matters.

As with most things, terms and conditions do apply.