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The lawyers at Douglas Cheveralls are experienced in acting for clients in breach of contract claims.

Some examples of breach of contract claims where we can assist you are:

  • breaches of shareholder or partnership agreements;
  • claims against guarantors;
  • payment claims;
  • disputes about restraint and non-compete clauses;
  • breaches of warranty claims;
  • breaches of distribution agreements;
  • breaches of joint venture agreements;
  • breaches of contracts of sale of residential and commercial property;
  • breaches of contracts of sale of equipment;
  • breaches of confidentiality clauses;
  • supply of defective products.

The process for a breach of contract will depend on the terms of the contract itself and may involve alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or expert determination. We can assist you with each stage of this process.

In the event that the breach of contract cannot be resolved by negotiation or other means, we can assist you in making a claim for breach of contract, or defending a claim.