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Our experienced employment and workplace lawyers assist employers in all areas of employment law, from hiring to firing, and everything in between. We customise our advice and our experience with all kinds of businesses and charities enables us to be sensitive to the needs of each particular client.

Employment and workplace law is a continually developing and changing area of the law. Douglas Cheveralls advises employers, especially small to medium-sized businesses, regarding compliance with the changing law, and how to prevent disputes and how to deal with them if they arise.

A quick consultation with one of our lawyers about an issue in the workplace can avoid disruption to your business or a costly and time-consuming legal dispute.

Douglas Cheveralls also acts on behalf of employees.

Call us if you need advice about an existing dispute, or to avoid a potential dispute regarding any aspect of employment law including unfair dismissal, redundancy, bullying, harassment, or employee restraints.

While it is unusual that an employment dispute can’t be resolved by negotiation, in the small number of cases where court or tribunal proceedings are required, we have the experience and expertise to act on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome.

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