At Douglas Cheveralls we regularly review contracts and agreements and advise our clients about the contracts and agreements before they sign them.   Generally, we aim to identify any terms that are unreasonable, or uncertain, or have any particular problems from a legal point of view.

We can usually do this for a fairly modest fixed price.  This is a very good investment, because entering into an agreement that is unreasonable, or which contains ambiguous or uncertain terms, can be very costly.

We recommend that the best way to approach the review of a legal contract is:

  1. Read the contract yourself.
  2. Make a list of questions or comments about the contract.
  3. Engage your lawyer to review the contract and respond to your questions and comments.

Before you enter into a contract, we recommend that you read the contract carefully yourself and make notes about:

(a)        any clauses that you don’t understand, or are written in a way that is ambiguous or unclear;

(b)       any parts of the agreement that require you to do things that would create any unreasonable costs or burdens on your business processes; and

(c)        any parts of the agreement that require you to give a guarantee, or warranty or risk or indemnity.

We will then read the contract and provide you with simple, easy to understand and practical advice about:

  1. whether any terms of the contract are unreasonable, and explain why;
  2. whether the contract is unfairly creates risk for you, and how;
  3. whether you should try and renegotiate the contract; and
  4. what steps you might take to mitigate the risks that the contract creates.

If you would like us to review a contract or agreement for you, please don’t hesitate to call or email us to get a quote.