Douglas Cheveralls Lawyers has experience in drafting and advising about a wide range of commercial contracts.  This includes contract review.

When you are entering into any kind of transaction, whether for business, personal or investment purposes, it is very important that you have a written agreement that can be understood by the parties, and takes into account relevant legislation.

A large proportion of legal disputes arise because the people involved did not properly communicate and document the agreed terms.  A simple loan agreement between family members can be written on a single page, and prevent future disagreements and unnecessary heartache.

If you are in business, and are presented with a complicated contract, it is important that you have it reviewed by an experienced lawyer to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

When you start a business venture, it is very important that you get a partnership agreement, or shareholders agreement, with your business partners.

Some of the agreements we regularly draft, or provide advice about, include:

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Business Sale agreements / Merger agreements
  3. Subcontractor agreements / Employment agreements
  4. NDAs and confidentiality deeds
  5. Loan or investment agreements
  6. Shareholders’ agreements
  7. Partnership agreements
  8. Intellectual property agreements
  9. Licence and distribution agreements
  10. Commercial and Industrial leases and subleases
  11. Franchise agreements and Disclosure Documents
  12. Software agreements
  13. Agreements for musicians and music promoters
  14. Childcare provider contracts

Please contact us to discuss your transactional needs – your contract terms – before signing any deal.  After a contract is signed it may be too late.