Guy Douglas
BA(Hons), LLB(Hons), PhD

Guy specialises in commercial litigation and dispute resolution.  His areas of practice include property and leasing, building and construction (including arbitrations and adjudications), corporations and partnerships, professional negligence,  deceased estates and trusts, employment law, planning and general contractual disputes.

Guy regularly appears as counsel in federal and state courts and tribunals in Western Australia.

In addition to acting for clients in court actions and tribunals, Guy also brings his experience in legal disputes to structuring agreements and drafting legal documents designed to anticipate and prevent costly legal disputes.

Guy founded the firm in 2013, and was previously a partner at Hotchkin Hanly lawyers, and before that, he was a lawyer at Mallesons Stephen Jaques (now King and Wood Mallesons), in Perth and in Melbourne.

The vast majority of cases settle before a hearing, and most court hearings don’t result in a published decision, but below are some examples of published decisions where Guy appeared as counsel in courts and tribunals and secured a successful outcome on behalf of his client:

  • Jetpoint Nominees Pty Ltd and Lee [2021] WASAT 10
  • Coulson -v- Willis [2020] WASC 179
  • N L Tucker & Associates Pty Ltd -v- Barker [2020] WASC 128
  • Auro Pty Ltd v Drage [2020] WADC 24 (S)
  • Pave Wealth Services Pty Ltd -v- Danielle Jones as Executrix of the Estate of Michael Frederick Jones [2020] WADC 16
  • Crosby v Quebec Nominees Pty Ltd & Ors [2019] FCCA 2797
  • McManus and Local Government Standards Panel [2019] WASAT 50
  • Hodsdon and Local Government Standards Panel [2019] WASAT 49
  • Strzelecki Holdings Pty Ltd -v- Beach Cafe Investments Pty Ltd [2018] WADC 132
  • McBurney -v- Variety WA Incorporated [2018] WASC 57
  • Consolaro -v- Consolaro [No 2] [2017] WASC 320
  • Shen -v- Coventry Village Pty Ltd [2017] WADC 147
  • Martincic -v- Marusco [2016] WASCA 133
  • Ziverts -v- City Of Albany [2016] WASC 94
  • Nhung Huy Duong and Coventry Village Pty Ltd [2016] WASAT 32
  • Coventry Village Pty Ltd -v- R-Australia Group Pty Ltd [2016] WADC 32
  • The Owners of Raffles Waterfront Strata PLAN 48545 and Topic [2016] WASAT 30
  • Kyra Phillips -v- MVJ Enterprises Pty Ltd [2015] WAIRComm 204
  • Strzelecki Holdings Pty Ltd -v- Clark [2014] WADC 153
  • BGC (Australia) Pty Ltd -v- Marsh [2013] WADC 133
  • Strzelecki Holdings Pty Ltd -v- Mark Anthony [2013] WADC 87
  • Strzelecki Holdings Pty Ltd -v- Jorgensen [2013] WADC 121
  • Strzelecki Holdings Pty Ltd -v- Wiebel [2013] WADC 27
  • Rohanna Pty Ltd -v- Nu-Steel Homes Adelaide Pty Ltd [2013] WASC 109
  • Bradley and Burran Construction Pty Ltd [2011] WASAT 51
  • Chen -v- Awap Sgt 26 Investment Ltd [2010] WASC 230
  • Primewest (Lot 4 Davidson Street Kalgoorlie) Pty Ltd -v- Broadwater Hospitality Management Pty Ltd [2009] WASC 304
  • Boase  -v- Axis International Management Pty Ltd [2009] WASC 331
  • Gullotti v Coad (No.2) [2007] FMCA 750 (18 May 2007)
  • Gullotti v Coad [2007] FMCA 525 (11 April 2007)