Minimising directors liability

This article explores a potential method of minimising directors liability. Company directors have many responsibilities when carrying out their duties. Generally, company directors are not personally liable for a company’s debts. However, certain circumstances can arise in which directors may find themselves personally facing legal or other regulatory action. In addition to potential civil proceedings being […]


What a Will kit doesn’t do

Picture of a Last Will and Testament

There are various ‘Will Kits’ available online – most are cheap or free and all you need to do is download them and fill in the blanks. Some websites even boast that you can prepare your will ‘without spending hundreds of dollars on legal fees’. Simple, right? Not really. A will is an important document […]


Misleading or Deceptive Conduct in the Sale of a Business

Allegations of misleading or deceptive conduct in the sale of a business are not uncommon, especially where the business does not perform as expected. A buyer of a business is responsible for checking the value and suitability of the business before a purchase is made. However, you must be careful when making representations during negotiations […]


Who can attend a mediation?

We are frequently asked by parties to a dispute, who can attend a mediation? Unfortunately, this can be an area of additional conflict between the parties, especially if not discussed and agreed in advance of the mediation. We think it is best practice to think about who is going to attend the mediation well in […]


How do I decide who to appoint as an executor of my Will?

Last Will & Testament

An executor is a person named in your Will who is responsible for locating all your property and making sure it is distributed to the beneficiaries according to your wishes.  You can choose whoever you like (and you can choose more than one person), but it’s important to choose an appropriate person. What does an […]


How to Recover a Debt

Trade debts are common, particularly in the current economic climate.  Businesses rely on invoices being paid promptly to ensure cash flow.  If your invoices are not being paid on time, this can have a devastating effect on your business. An important step in the prevention of trade debts is having good terms and conditions of […]


Workplace Discrimination – Interview questions you can’t ask

Close up of an employment contract

An employer’s liability for workplace discrimination may arise even before a candidate’s first interview and exists whether or not the candidate is ultimately offered a position by the employer. A job interview is integral to the recruitment process and provides an opportunity for the employer to ask questions, check credentials and determine a prospective employee’s […]


How Not to Enforce a Pre-Emptive Rights Provision – Shareholder Disputes

Photo of empty boardroom

On 9 October 2019 The High Court of Australia gave a judgment in Connective Services Pty Ltd v Slea Pty Ltd [2019] HCA 33 that has important consequences for a company that wants to enforce pre-emptive rights provisions in its constitution. Pre-emptive provisions are provisions that require shareholders to offer their shares to existing shareholders of […]


Estate Planning Essentials – Digital Assets

Digital assets are now an everyday part of life for many of us. The December 2018 death (or purported death) of Gerald Cotton, former CEO of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange company, Quadriga CX, illustrated the importance of planning your electronic afterlife. Mr Cotton was the sole custodian of encrypted passwords ‘protecting’ over digital assets worth more […]